Details on Asbestos Removalists

Asbestos Disposal ServicesAsbestos is commonly found in bathroom fittings because it is water resistant. Most of the time, it will be found in small quantities, so the nature of the removal work is usually classified as small scale.

This work can be done by Asbestos removalists without a license, as long as the area is less than 10 square meters according to the Safe Work Australia Code of Practice, and the asbestos is non- friable. They can also remove Asbestos Containing Debris (ACD) that is not more than a minor contamination, and the area should be 10 square meters or less of non-friable asbestos. A class B license holder can also remove only non- friable asbestos, as long as the area is less than the said 10 square meters.

The minor contamination factsheet by Safe Work Australia describes ACD as dust that has settled within a workplace and is assumed to be containing asbestos. Examples include dust that has accidentally come off a wall or ceiling during removal, accumulated in a pipe, on a horizontal surface covered by an asbestos roof or on the roof gutter. Determining whether contamination is minor involves assessing the time it would take to clean up, the complexity of the work being undertaken and the size of the contaminated area among other factors. Areas of minor contamination include, holes drilled into walls or ceilings with Asbestos Containing Material and an electrical box with an ACM board mounted on it.

Even without a license, the person undertaking the removal, Asbestos removalists especially, must be trained in identifying and handling asbestos or ACD and classifying it as friable or non-friable. A course on asbestos awareness or the non- friable unit of competency can suffice as adequate training. Safety methods still have to be adhered to during the removal and replacement. A combination of the dry and wet method could be used; the dry method used where there are live wires, sockets or water heaters powered by electricity. These must be de-energized if they cannot be removed.
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Just keep in mind that you need to take precaution even when you collect a sample to be sent for inspection. Professional asbestos removalists will tell you exactly what you need to do to send a sample without compromising your safety. Before you get on with the job, ensure that you read enough and do exactly what you are asked to do. An asbestos removal company comes into the picture much later. If the inspection company is good, they will ensure that you get the best contractor for asbestos removal.

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Live Large and Live Long

Live Large and Live Long

Living large is something that most of us humans strive for in our daily life. I am not talking about getting the biggest Mc Donald combo here. What i am talking about is living large in a way where we get to have the best opportunities in front of us and consistently have the means to help others.

One thing i have noticed a trend in is people wanting to be extravagant and show that they have more than there pairs

Hummer Hire Melbourne

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An example of this is when i visited Melbourne a year back. My mate there was into Living large and had found the Best Hummer Hire Melbourne had to offer. He was willing to spend his hard earned money on this Hummer Limo just so he could see the faces of the people who were at the event. he wanted them to envy him!

Since he had hired this hummer and only 5 other people were with him i decided i would tag along as well and see what it is that he was driven by in person. I must owe credit where credit is due. Melbourne Hire a Hummer was an excellent service with Lots of hummer limos to choose for our hummer hire. The one we got was White and looked like it would have been well suited for a wedding car.

None the less we got in the truck and went to the event! Sounds blaring, i am sure i lost my hearing for a while there. When we turned up at the event there were thousand of people around.

Melbourne holds some epic event.

The look on the faces as turned up in the hummer limo was amazing. Everyone looked and you could see envy on the faces just as my friend had hopped.

So why is it that people want to show others that they are so successful?

If you ask me it has something to do with the fact that we all feel like we need people looking up to us to prove we are not all the same.

while some find that helping others is enough to help with this. Others feel they must prove that they are better.

What do you think? Leave you comment below

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Mindset for Success

Multi-ethnic businessmen shaking hands

To truly appreciate life here on the planet we call Earth it seems you must be either very intelligent, looking for new ways to stimulate your mind, or the opposite simply blissfully happy with the fact you have no idea what your missing out on.

This is the mindset of a person i once meet in the best limo hire company i have recently encountered.

Although it seemed unlikely to me that a limo driver would have such a perception on life at first, the more i thought about it the more it made complete scene to me. This limo driver actually based his life of this theory. It turned out that he had only been a limo driver for a short amount of time and he never expected to be doing it for very long at all either. He simply wanted to have a new experience and share the love and fun of the weddings, wine tours, nights out on the town and all the things that come with celebration.

The limo driver was having the time of his life with these people but he still knew in the back of his mind that this was temporary. All things good and bad come and go, night becomes day, life becomes death, breathing in becomes breathing out.

Change is what life is and what life is about. Although we can not prove that we are hear for a reason or that we have a smaller understanding of things than we are willing to admit, we can still feel the vibes and gauge a feeling of intuition towards anything that we take note of, its our choice to go with that or go with the fact we do not believe it.

This is what i think the limo driver was trying to say, you either feel things out and your life is on big rolling ride that dips and dives and is sure to have a cracker of an ending, or you accept that life is what it is and you accept you have no control over things, that there is a god that is above you and he controls your out comes in life so do what you thing he wants you to do.

The truth is and anyone truly happy and successful can prove it, your god in the scene that matters.

You and only you can make the decisions in your life, you can always opt out if you want and you can always change how you view something and how you react to something. The issue is that so many people do not know this and believe in something else controlling their life, it is so that they do not have to take the responsibility for the things that happen in their life.

The world is trained and people live a certain way because that is exactly what they are taught. The people who get successful in life are the people who enforce this way of life and the people who accept that they can not be controlled and that there are rules that hold all things true,this is karma and this is you. You hurt someone else and it comes back on your because that other person… wait for it…… is you.

Yes sounds munted right but that person is you with a different experience from the time you got here to the time you leave and that is why you are different, it becomes the funny part when you realize that this is also the whole point to life and why you created it.

Experience… Life… and it will reward you. Think about how boring it was being god and knowing everything and being able to do everything. And remember why you done this, why you choose to forget and split up into all these experiences here in the conscious unconscious world.

The Power of Thought



Have you ever thought about thinking?

earth globe

The majority of people i have meet in my short life will tell you that they think all the time and they are absolutely correct. But how many of those people actually take it a step further and take a look at the more “once thought to be impossible” improbable truth that we control what we think on another level. Is this “higher” version of our self’s is teaching us what it is we need to know to grow, the problem is at the same time we have no idea!


The Buddhist monks spend most of there life’s getting really good at the really simple things in life while spending hours per day in another reality we all see as meditation.

This meditative state has many benefits to the mind and the human body and it is evident when looking at a culture who practice what they preach. Some of the feats i have seen performed right in front of my eyes would have been called witchery back before my time and called a magic trick now, had i not seen it for my very self.

This does bring a big question to mind however.

Does it really matter?

Honestly if all this is as the Buddhists believe and we are all just here having fun then what does it matter if this homely place we call earth gets a few scares?

some would say that this is very bad and this place is not ours to destroy!!!!

others may say that what happens will happen and what will be will be!

another person might think there is so much out there that we cant be it and one little blip disappearing before its time isn’t such an issue but a speed up of time.

ME though i don’t believe any of them. I believe that the only thing that matters is what you feel matters with the experience that you have gained from the decisions you and the peers around you have made COLLECTIVELY.

I have this almost intuitive notion in my life that seems to have shown me a whole different side to life than that experienced by the people around me and this has lead me to a few unlikely thoughts.

For example how stupid is it to fear?

You may not like that comment but think about it for a second or two and let me explain my view before you jump to your inevitable conclusion.

You are going to die, we are all going to die. In fact you have already died thousands of times and will always do it because

  • It is part of life
  • It is a normal process
  • It is extremely important
  • life would be crap without death.

Think about how you go to sleep every day and you have the faith that you will wake up again.

Now think about how every time you dream you must die from that world to wake up into the world you were just in but forgot all about,

Now imagine you are in a dream now, you are a god by the way as you control everything you do and no one else does, why are you afraid to wake up?

Because you want to be here and you want to experience the thrills that life has to offer,

Being a god is something that is not as fun as imagined right. BANG your god and your in heaven what is it you want to do? you can do and wear whatever you want. ill leave you there now for the next eternity and when i come back long from now do you think you will want to forget you know everything and experience the thrill and anxiety that can only come from the unknown? Life

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